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Uganda Counselling Association received a donation of three boxes of boxes from National Board of Certified Counsellors-International (NBCC-1).

The books cover a range of counselling related issues. 

We are grateful to our partners from the USA for supporting us.


UCA 10th Annual Conference

Uganda Counselling Association

10th Annual Conference and AGM

Date: 9th -11th April 2014

Time: 8:30am – 5:00pm

Venue:  Makerere University Food Science & Technology Hall



Sub themes:

  1. Will mandate increase accessibility of professional to the community?
  2. How mandate will streamline quality training and practice of professional counselling
  3. Will mandate improve the quality of counselling in Uganda?
  4. Challenges of acquiring and implementing the mandate.
  5. The role of government in establishing and implementation of mandate for professional counselling
  6. How mandate can streamline dealing with psychological issues in the country.
  7. The process of seeking for the mandate.
  8. Mandate in addressing special groups in counselling.


Conference registration fees: 

Ug. 100,000/= late payment: 120,000/=, to carter for meals, a booklet of presentations and facilitators. Please confirm your attendance early before 30th March 2014 for easy organization and preparations. Contact our Conference Coordinator Crescent Mwebaze on 0782-046535 or

Note: To exhibit during the Conference, you are requested to contribute Ush: 100,000/= for the three days towards the charge for the space, breakfast and Lunch for one person.


Make payment to:

UCA Office,

Uganda Cooperative Alliance Building,

Nkrumah Road, Room 209.

Counselling and Guidance Center Receives Materials

Makerere University Counselling and Guidance Center receives an assortment of materials in form of: books, printers, projector and laptop from University Of British Columbia, Canada.

The materials are meant to equip the resource center to be used by practicing and trainee counsellors. All counsellors are invited to make use of the resources.

Visit us at Makerere University opposite Mary Stuart Hall

UCA Draft Bill

Uganda Counselling Association is working on a counsellors' bill with the parliament of Uganda.

Click Here to read through and let us know about your thought pertaining to this matter.

DOWNLOAD the Draft Bill